Offical server stuff is vanishing


Be advised. every Weds and Sat morn I go to every building and touch it. It takes under an hour on the official server. I have been doing this like clock work since the decay crud started. To my surprise, structures that have been up for almost 2 years GONE.

Going to add my findings to the flurry of posts of missing things.

In the last 36 hours. We have lost:

Dancer, over population, she was number 10 of 10, now we have 9 left.

A tower that has stood since the meteor showers, gone

The lower half of our tower of bats elevator system. The elevators are still there, the upper building and all the lights are there. The entire bottom building, gone.
This one is weird. You have to step into the building to operate the elevators. Yet the elevators are still there, the torches that are not attached to anything, are still there.

Built a trebuchet YESTERDAY. Came on to do my rounds. Decayed away since I went to bed 8 hours before. It was built on the roof of our base, which is visited everyday.

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