Official #1111 Player is harassing entire server by closing-off Vulcano area



Official server #1111

player “Kishori” - steam ID: “kishor”

Aforementioned player is closing off part of the map (Vulcano area) by building enormous amount of T3 foundations and walls throughout entire part of the Vulcano area. Guy is playing alone - yet amount of building elements is ridiculous, which makes us think that he is “duping” them.

**To make the problem even bigger this guy have built huge base beyond the map limits! So nobody can raid him - please see details in my ticket (Funcom Support #1100687852) **

PLEASE FUNCOM - can you patch this glitch/bug/exploit ???


Instead of reporting it to Funcom Support, report it to Exploit Hunters with proof (screen grabs, etc…) and they will take a look and action if the evidence is sufficient.
Exploit Hunters:


I’ve already done that even before posting here. However no response from the team itself :frowning:

p.s. there is a “hunters” ticket number provided in previous post


Great! I thought that was a ticket from funcom support and not from exploit hunters :slight_smile: You probably won’t hear from the team but that doesn’t mean they won’t address the issue, hope the exploiter pays the price.


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