Official 1941 PVE - C / Hacker , Griefer / ADMIN HELP NEEDED BADLY


Hello Everyone :smile:
I’m Here to inform Funcom and others about 2 Griefers on the server and one of them is a Cheater.

1 - steamcommunitycom/id/thinbluline/ and his in-server name is Legerpcscompany , this player started with blocking the obelisk at volcano then he spawned a Snake Boss at my base which it killed all of my Thralls outside , I managed to kill the snake but I noticed that this player had Infinite Health when he spawned the snake.
Then the next day he spawned a Dragon Boss at someone else’s base.
He also has a very Toxic Behavior besides being a Griefer and Cheater.
As you can see on his steam profile he has a VAC ban which it proves his background being a Cheater.
I have proof of him admitting being a Hacker and being with the snake but I can’t upload any pictures at this moment , I will update this topic once i’m able to upload pictures.

2 - steamcommunitycom/id/pawny/ and his in-server name is Pwny , This player has been trying to block the New Asagarth for the past 2 months with a massive wall and spikes on top and now he started blocking random places in Volcano seems like Legerpcscompany and Pwny are working together but they are not in the same clan.
Me and my friend we spent over 400 hours on this server and we’ve been seeing old players quitting the game because of this 2 players and new players don’t last too long.
PLEASE do something about this problem if you care about your game and don’t want more players leave the game.:disappointed_relieved:

UPDATE 09/04/2018 : Legerpcscompany now blocked the Frost Temple


i seen it happen i from server #1941 they both are very toxic and hurrassing females players and they planing on blocking more rendering the server unplayable


Report the cheater to

About that blocking issue, i don’t think there will happen anything at all.
Offical Servers are completely unmoderated, though i think a Community Manager said somewhere that they would intervene if someone prevents players from effectively playing the game, but since such things happen on so many servers i doubt it.


I also can confirm that Leger has said many times that Funcom is a joke and that he runs scripts all the time and that Funcom will do nothing. He said that all he wants to do is take down the server. As for Pwny he just builds walls and I get that’s not Cheating. But Leger has said on Multiple times that he is hacking, even if he is just a Script Kitty. All I can say now is that players have left and new players leave once they hit the north because having one of them on a server is bad but when you have both the player base just leaves and it is sad because up until the 500 update our server was great! I know Funcom said blah blah blah. Funcom needs to rethink how they are handling this or there wont be players left . Not everyone wants to rent a server or play on a server that could end any day.

  1. Since I play on EU servers g-portal is in charge combined with the permission of Funcom to intervene. If it’s an EU server contact g-portal and ask (nicely) if an admin can come online and look at suspicious activities. They might get in contact with Funcom first and it will take some days until they react. We had an admin from g-portal come online and delete Chinese sky- and underground-bases in the past. But I don’t know if we just went lucky and hit a guy who was a Conan Eciles fan himself. Building itself, though it can be griefing is not forbidden. You see the weakness of PVE servers now :frowning:

  2. Are your bases near the Arena or Unnamed City? Because both creatures spawn there and he might have just pulled them to your base. Don’t believe every player who claims to use scripts or is capable of hacking. Yes, there are those out there but…

  3. their fun is your frustration. Just leave the server all together for some time and come back when they moved onto the next server. Log in to refresh the decay timer.

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Blocking the obelisk is allowed, its a viable way of dominating the conan world. Control fast travel on a map and you can get places faster then anyone. All public servers will have some amount of PVP a conflict server is open war, only thing not allowed is blowing up other peoples structures.

Using world creatures to destroy other peoples bases in a conflict server is another way of dominating, they are forcing you to farm resource to rebuild which in their eyes will slow your growth and they will stay more powerful.

It sucks when it happens but its part of the game. the harassment part is different, people should be considerate and decent humans but we know there is plenty that like to see the world burn.

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I also can confirm that Leger has said he is using script to spawn things like a purge and dragons at ppls base to kill there thralls. and if it is okay to build around obelisk fine but the constant harassment of other players is not okay.


I agree, no need for harassing players, it is just a game after all.


I’m also on #1941. Pwny is a … garbage person, but that in itself is not a crime. I would be nice to have access to New Asgard but I get it’s part of the game. Atleast he does not spam chat endlessly with rubish.

Legerpcscompany is a cancer and I do think something should be done about him. Everything unique I had to say about him has already been said by others, I just wanted to give my voice in support to something being done.


It’s an official PvE-C server so the only way to destroy other people’s buildings is to kite enemies spawned by a purge. This person is not getting purged, they are using a script to spawn enemies to then attack buildings.

And blocking obelisks is not allowed…


Who said blocking obelisk is not allowed? Please show me where. I used it think this way as well but my thoughts changed as I played longer. The obelisk is a shortcut from somewhere on the map to the obelisk, If a clan or player wants to take ownership of the obelisk to reduce others fast travel they have made a controlling move. They are not griefing anyone, they are dominating the controlling points on the map, same reason we destroy beds and bedrolls, to control the speed of which they return to a spot.

If he is using some cheat to spawn in monsters then that’s wrong. If they are kiting purge creatures or even just world monsters they have done nothing wrong. I kite world bosses even on PVP servers if I don’t want the clan to know I did it.

Seeing his update on blocking Ymirs temple, that I see as blocking gameplay, same as blocking off volcano entrances. They are there to provide recipes after killing the npcs and bosses (gameplay not “shortcut”)

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on PVE, its griefing to block an obelisk, PVP is fair game. as there are ways you can take the control othres have with certain places.

just so you know , if you do that over PVE, and someone goes and put a dispute over the exploit hunters, you will GET BANNED.

you cant block areas in PVE period…


Come join 1578, Official PvP, North America. We wipe losers for griefing and blocking off obelisks, cities, nodes, etc.

PvE never worked in this game. Such a shame for the PvE crowd.

I understand PvE players want a peace of mind and to have fun with others to clear dungeons, farm to make beautiful bases and what not. But wherever there is the human element, it just does not work.

The PvE- C sounds so good on book but still won’t work. PvP causes hostility between players and in this day and age, we have so few players with some sportsmanship left that, you can expect, sooner or later that someone will foundationspam around your base or use any other grief methods to “get even”.

However in PvP servers, although not completely grief-free, will save you from the most basic ones.
I really encourage everyone to PvP servers. Over here I build these nice bases with decorations as well. Sure I make them PvP efficient, which takes a lot of its beauty away, but it is still possible to make them look nice. Same with dungeons, you can do them here as well with others. Not everyone is a murderer. Players who KoS and has no proper clan to back them up are dead meat in pvp servers. I’ve met a lot of PvE players who moved from PvE to PvP servers, banded up with PvP players for security and together they formed really dangerous clans by sharing their ideas and farming together. They had farmers who were mainly pve players and then the pvp folk who did the “negotiation” part.

There’s just so much griefing possible in this game if you cannot take out others structures, I do not know how the devs will be able to tackle these issues at all.
In some PvP servers including mine, there are pvp clans that work as the servers arbiters who try to keep the balance in the server in order to keep it alive. Toxic, glitcher, cheater trash are always killed off instantly, they are also fun to stomp, at least it is for us, it gives us bored folk some action. New players are allowed to grow and fight others around their size, solo players get protected from big clans and so on. If it is ruled by a toxic or unfair clan in the other hand… then bad luck. Those servers tend to be empty anyhow.

Still, beats the grief in pve you cannot do anything against.

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I play 1941 and can further confirm legerpcscompany has blocked off the obelisk at the volcano, north jungle and outside the ice giant temple. Blocking the last obelisk has also blocked the temple itself.

That’s 4 people, 4 separate clans/unclanned entities telling you he is hell bent on limiting access to the game world as much as possible for other players. This needs to be addressed or I have a feeling you’ll lose every player on the server because pretty much each week he sets out to block off some other aspect of the game.

I can additionally attest to the harassment of other players as well.


I’m a big PVP fan myself but you know when i’m tired of all the shooting and PVP and plundering in other servers and games i want some peaceful base building and farming because i enjoy base building that’s why i picked this server , Even when leger started on this server i was so nice to him and i was helping him out with bosses and journeys then all of a sudden he started blocking a Croc boss spawn , then moved to North Jungle Obi , Then Volcano Obi and Now Frost Temple.

As a person who spent a couple of hundred hours on this game it makes sense to be the dominant power in the server by blocking some areas but think about new players when they see New Asgarth Blocked , when they tp to Volcano and there is no way out for them or when they tp to frost temple to complete their journeys and farm some black ice there is no way out for them , they are just leave the server and game because of that.
And Legerpcscompany is Toxic af like you won’t be able to listen to him for 5 mins.

And there is no way to kite the Snake boss in the Arena to my base , First Of All if you try kiting the Snake or The Undead Dragon out of the Arena you will see that they get stuck at the entrance , Second a Snake Can’t climb or climb down.

It is DEFINITELY griefing , our server used to have 30-40 players online everyday now barely 10-15 during peak times.
Legerpcscompany literally stated that his main goal is to Block every single obi in game and Kill the server.