Official 2651 problems

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [América]

There are 4 issues with this server that never happened with me before in another server…
First of all, to log on the server is almost impossible, the bar of loading is full and we keep there, for almost 10 minutes and dont log, restarting the game/console don’t solve. I always log on offline singleplayer before.
Second, when you die, the 10/30 seconds before you respawn starts, then when gets on the 0 second, you just dont respawn, the death camera dont disappear, you need to relog on the server, and if you do this, you go back to the first problem.
Third, when the game crash, and you try to log again, you keep losing connection with the server 1sec after logging, or you go back to the first problem again…
Fourth, the Event Log doesn’t works well, you press X to confirm what you want to see, but it dont appesrs nothing, is like a loading, but infinit or just takes a looong time to load.
Those problems don’t happens just with me, it happens with all my clan mates.
Please do something about it

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on 2651
  2. Try to see Event Log
  3. Die

Hi @iLeroxOfDawnZz, thank you for getting in touch, we’ll reach out to you privately to request additional information to assist us in looking into this matter.

It’s the servers they are all having problems for 2 months. Why haven’t y’all done anything about this it’s killing you’re fan base.

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