Official 3200 pvp

Hallo Support,

At official 3200 is all brime Stone see biuld. Please help . We all pay for These game and we need brimestone for some items.!

learn to water walk and go east to ocean. Only way to play now is to cheat

The Ozean at east is building too lol

I have only one question. If you cannot have brimstone how can they? This action didn’t only effect you but them too. So if you don’t know how to get brimstone I can always tell you and believe me you will make the same amount like you where farming this lake, but it will take you longer. On the other hand it is a pvp server, God’s do not work?

I know how brimestone they are . Fondation at lake is Terrible. I hope that funcom can delate it !!

My dear friend they won’t, because it is pvp server and it is allowed to build on the surface wherever you want. If you don’t like the server choose private servers with rules. On official servers pvp anybody can build everywhere, not that I agree with that, only by looking at it it makes me sik. If God’s are active use them. Use all the aspects of the game to make them stop building there, this is pvp unfortunately :pensive:.

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