Official Combat Testlive: Thrall speed too high?

Playing on another official testlive server I noticed these things:

  • My character got stuck at certain surfaces (edges where the “world texture” changes, sometimes at the end of ceiling pieces when I wanted to jump downwards in my building).
    If this happens, I get teleported back a little like a rubber banding effect.

  • Humanoid NPCs are fast as hell. All attack animations, even simple walking, seems to me like 1 1/2 times as fast as before. I was riding a horse and a certain npc continuously followed me even while sprinting.

  • Thirst is very intense, even with the soothing effect.

Gotta go fast

May or may not be your issue but I have seen these things happen when a server hasn’t been restarted for several days.

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Looks like you are right! According to the eventlog the server has not been restarted for 8 days.
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