Official EU server 3041 pve conflict

Congratulations on your huge update Funcom, I, and all my teammates, are now no longer suffering from the bugs and issues we were having to put up with before, however, we are finding some of the new work benches hard to find or use as we can no longer log into our server AT ALL !
On the positive, you can’t miss what you’ve never had sooooo…


For a moment I thought you had managed to get online… I started typing, then I realised😅… Yeah no one can get on PvE-C EU, and US. Check my post if you haven’t already;

They have acknowledged the issue.


@Medz1167 Are you actually still having an issue connecting to 3041 PvE-C?

Yes, still getting the infinite load screen, but whereas before you could generally get on before 12 noon, now it appears to be around the clock .


Sí, es vergonzoso por parte de Funcom, osea , nos ponen el parche nuevo y no tienen la dignidad de arreglar los servidores PVE conflicto . Creo que van a perder un montón de usuarios, entre ellos yo mismo, que llevo jugando 3 años consecutivos en el mismo server (3041) y como mañana no pueda entrar lo pierdo todo. Es muy frustrante.


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