Official North American ps4 server 3802 griefing and harassment

The Atlantians clan in server 3802 is griefing several clans, blocking off obelisks, and harassing individual players with nasty signs as well as joining chats and being verbally aggressive. More than half the server can corroborate this information. This needs to be addressed. We understand it is a pvp lobby but this is getting to be too much. They are making the server nearly unplayable. We moved to this server from another being lag switched. There needs to be more server moderation.

FYI: players can set their game so they do not read writing on signs.
(Doesn’t help if they have spelt it out in building blocks though.)
We are meant to be able to mute players so we don’t have to listen to them in the ingame chat - if this is not working then make a bug report for it please.

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That’s great, still doesn’t negate the fact that is harassment. Switching a sign off doesn’t stop a base from being wiped every. single. day. It isn’t even my clan being attacked. I’m simply here because everyone in the server is done with this clans antics.

Funcom has had the same hands-off policy for the official servers since the game was released. They do not often intervene and usually when there is a lot of evidence of players preventing others from getting access from the starting desert spawn points into the rest of the map or getting to bosses that hold part of the keystone required to finish the game. See their post on it:

Sorry that’s the reality. If multiple players / clans find this group/individual is spoiling their fun then work together to defeat them.

Already have tried multiple times. Their base is basically not raidable and they grief whoever tries until they leave the server entirely. We’ve had like 4 clans leave this week alone. So basically there’s nothing to be done? This is just a free for all because the developers don’t have the man power to handle it?

Learn the riddle of steel. Welcome to Offical PVP.

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