Official : PC : update 2.3 is NOT coming this week or the next

for PC : acording to them in about 2 weeks from now, and parity check for console by the end of this month.

We expect to patch PC to version 2.3 in roughly a couple of weeks, and aim to release the same patch for consoles by the end of this month.


c’mon man, give it a break
will be released when done


I also like to wait another month when 2.3 is in a state that the developers can release without regrets.


what is your problem? i am just bringing what they SAID, in a clear manner, so people know what to expect…



it needs to be released when its ready, no sooner :slight_smile: but better not bring those expectations up, reason why i posted it.

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Thank you for the update.

Please be patient while some of our excited community members adjust their expectations. It can be painful to curb one’s excitement. :smirk:


Better to wait for the patch to be finished, so that no new bugs will come or at least it will bring less. On the other, I want to try the new changes live, especially the attacks on the run.


i agree, however, launching the double harvesting event, signaled for me the posibility of a more imminent launch, (it is fine , i can wait lol)

I’d like to know beforehand. The new update will break many mods (as modders say) so I’ll have to shut down our private server until mods will be updated too.

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modders have been told there’ll be window to do stuff beforehand

The last time they got new DevKit after the last update went live. It was a terrible mess with some mods.

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can’t remember scenario, where game update preceded devkit update

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Your getting the update this month they just told us console players we should get the update before the end of the month

Do you a link to it after all their time frame for Siptah was a lie?

you should know, roadmaps does not always can be fulfilled . siptah, and in general CE is a complex game, i rather have them delay it, than having a bad experience with the game because the need to fulfill a roadmap.

trust me i want to see new stuff , but i want it to be mature, not rushed in a much more incomplete manner.

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However as a PC player your opinion doesn’t matter to us console players who have frankly been abandoned by Funcom since September. The moment they show us the same courtesy as PC players we might care what you think. Just think of this as a race war and we are the people discriminated against because we use cosoles. An update on the next console patch

oh wow…

that is rude , this is a discussion board, and everyone opinion matter, and this whole thing about being a pc gamer or a console gamer, and the comparisons are getting way too old, you look deeply traumatized by your i think “twisted sense of fairness” in your head, guess what, it is NOT our fault whats going on with the consoles. distilling poison because pc gamers have an advantage is not going to get you anywhere.

noone is at war here either. we all play the game,


Most would disagree as it is PC players whinning keeping Siptah in limbo for console players. Drop a pair and man up already. Admit your bias already.

SIPTAH IS NOT RELEASED, … do you get it? its on early accessssssss!!! geez.

grow up

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Once again you don’t comprehend what I said. It is in prerelease because only PC players can buy and play it. It will not be a full release until console gets it. Take yourself to steam and look kid. PC players complaints are whats holding up console development because they were not wise enough to do side by side releases instead of complicating things. Go look at the Isle of Siptah forums at all the privileged PC players complaining.