Official : PC : update 2.3 is NOT coming this week or the next

What you need to comprehend is that game developement is much easier to deal with on pc , since you don’t have to get the avail of Sony or Microsoft each time you do an update to your build . Furthermore Sony and Microsoft ( for the console part of Microsoft ) don’t approve Early Access on their platforms ( or has a very few exceptions to this as they started to understand it may be profitable for them, not so long ago ) So that leaves the Devs with PC to have their Early Access ( so that people can playtest their game for them as they MAY* have not enough QA ) So this means PC players are the Beta-Testers for the game , that will get out with far less bugs for console players thanks to the PC players that played it and reported the bugs . Yes console state of Conan Exiles is a mess with the dashboarding issues and the Out of Memory bug , And Funcom has put extra effort and investment by adding a team of people to those core consoles issues . The Fact that Console patches has to go through a certification process from Sony and Playstation and that it went throught with all those critical bugs unseen , makes me think that the Hardware of old consoles ( so not ps5 and Xbox series X ) is just not powerfull enough to handle Conan Exiles in 2021 ( for sure it could handle it when CE released , but the game has had so many updates of content that even on a high end pc Exiles land makes my hybrid cooled ( fan + watercooling ) graphics card to ~ 90°c where Siptah doesn’t have this effect on my GPU ) This means that Extra care from the developers in order to make the game more optimized for consoles ( which means lowering at the maximum possible the consumption of ressources ( Ram / gpu / processor ) . And unfortunately this can take a pretty long time to deal with , even more when it’s not your strengh ( Funcom games have a past of non optimizing the memory usage )

All in all , your theory of Pc gamers complaining , making the developement for console slower is a non argument because you assume that it’s the same team working on the PC version , that will work after on the consoles version … well I beleive it’s not the case and they have a dedicated team actually working on the console version of the game at the same time. But they have all those console specific bugs to solve before even thinking of bringing the game to parity with Pc … What would be the point for you to Get Siptah if you still crash 2 min after entering the game , or the games dashboards you to the menu ?


LOL, you have clearly no idea how the indurstry works. PC PLAYERS are providing feedback, and funcom makes changes based on that, the game is the same, the only thing that changes is the platform but the game is the same. the limitations you are facing are , consoles policies and of course the limitation of very old hardware embedded in the consoles)

people will always complaint, period. that has nothing to do with the issues consoles has.

stop Dropping the blame on pc gamers, siptah is in early access, same was when CE was in
early access. (no consoles) . you keep talking about pc players complaining , and yet here you are complaining, and you are not a pc gamer.

buy PC. i sense you will be much much happier to find out all the great things you can do with a pc , that your current console cant. :slight_smile:

i love how they compensated the possibillity of base loss and that they give time even to people with regular jobs or not much playtime to adjust! so upvote on this decision for me !!

u did this the right way FC this time… Now IF when released the patch will not bring a ton of problems hats off to you!!! if this goes as intended, then bring on a new dlc! would love to show my support!!!



I’m so glad they are taking the time to make sure the patch is stable and ready before releasing it.

The worst thing is when there is a known bug in testlilve, and they go ahead and release the patch without fixing it first. That really ticks people off.

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Correct. Slight correction also. The Testlive version of the kit was updated many weeks before. HOWEVER, not everyone has room for two kits that total out to over 500 gigs of used space (not including the clients for testing). They went with this because a small contingent of mod authors were complaining of the dev kit (the regular one) was being updated too early. Which I can understand, but there is an easy method to avoid having to update the kit, but Im getting off topic.

Anyhoo, this go around Funcom is going to be updating the live kit 3-5 days ahead of the expected release of the patch. Should players expect that to be enough time for mod authors? Of course not, that will widly vary depending on what needs updated and what kind of time our volunteer mod authors have. And as always, there can be things we don’t detect until the players get their hands on the update and are playing with the mods. So as usual, it should be expected to give mod authors plenty of time to get things sorted.

What I can say is that I’m working closely with Funcom on making sure our mod authors get the necessary kit updates (in other words, they have been kind in letting me pester them constantly about it.) So I fully expect the live kit to get it’s update ahead of the final day, I just ask people be patient with us as always.


And how exacly is exiles Land different? Besides the scenary and the grqphical part compares to siptah?

I like siptah, and will like it more when it gets released.

Again Siptah is not released yet, in fact it is still a long way away from what it needs to be , before it is released.

All i can stay its improving. :slight_smile:

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Siptah is barely improving. The addition of NPC camps will “help” sure. Not much though.

The biggest problem with siptah is the incredible RNG factor with farming vaults and delving for recipes.

Having to rely of farming vaults for eldarium and then rng delving for recipes to be competitive is insane. Not to mention the RNG scrolls from the vault loot itself. Grandmaster armour/weaponsmith makes a huge difference if you have it vs players who don’t.

ontop of that with 2.3 some insane pieces of gear are coming into the game which also require eldiarum to craft. So just more and more pve dungeon spam to be competitive for a pvp designed map lol.

Losing fights because someone can delv bitter bite and annoying shard faster than you can is a terrible system.

You do know delving is a 100% guarantee success?

As far as recipes from vaults I think that is also improving or will if not already in 2.3

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Unfortunately, afaik, the oils, midnight alchemist + grandmaster feats remain locked behind a heavy rng wall on siptah. That in combination with the lack of fast travel and good defensive building locations make IoS an undesirable map for PvP.


please no map room in siptah, it will be bad for this map. :slight_smile:

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they can’t help is it console games or behind in the times… they lack what pc can do… and have most of their graphics turned down just so you can run it… and you want funcom to fix what the problem is from your end with a shity graphics card they have to work around to get the game to run smoothly for you all… thats why many of ppl switched to pc so we don;t have to worry about that problem… we just buy a new graphics card…

got the grandmaster armor from siptah but can’t seem to locate the grandmaster weapon one

This is a rather unpopular opinion :slight_smile:


they probley get added in when they add in the more lands to siptah… cause they did mention it be almost as big of a map as exiles , and i do have to admite i didn’t like them at first but with the land mass exiles had i got use to it and see that it did help… in places… just don’t hope they break it like they was on exiles lands…

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according to whom?

We’re still in early 2021. We’re even still in Q1

Only for 25 days. So my statement stands they have very little time left to make good on past statements.

they can and will most likely move the date. they can do it , every company does it. funcom is in no obligation to fulfill end of q1 if the content is not ready or they feel it needs more work.

they funcom does not need to prove you anything.

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Yup. How many times did Cyberpunk get moved? (And obviously should have been moved a few more times). Sad part was the comments they were getting from the community though (death threats, etc).

I have zero doubt people are going to freak out at Funcom for not having Siptah out of EA/launched on Console if it doesn’t arrive by April 1st. But Palm said it best already.

Here is the difference. When they change dates there is official notification. We haven’t had any notifications in the official announcement forums for a while. The only updates we get are from community support which for all we know could be false in order to keep the community at ease. Ask Raph Koster why communication important or better yet read his blog. If you don’t know who Raph your in the wrong industry .