Official PvP player list hidden?

Is your name hidden on the player list until you talk in chat? Was always curious about that. I see people on that weren’t say anything for weeks that were anon, and then today some people were talking and I saw their names, but then it went back to anonymous after they hadn’t said anything for awhile.

Yes. This was changed awhile back to combat possible issues with harassment?

Although I find it unnecessary as there are other ways to find out who is online.

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yeah player list needs to been shown at all times. hidden player list is so weak

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The player list should be divided between display names and online id. The only place where they are currently seen together is above people’s heads. A single window player list is nice, but we could increase security with the two names being split into two windows. It would be half-hidden.

While that may have been Funcoms idea behind it, most people seen it as a way to help hackers and cheaters hide their identity. Used to be able to get their Funcom ID and before that, their steam ID to report them.

Funcom made that harder for players to do now.


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Oh ya for sure. I will go right up to them if I see them in the wild and grab a ss.

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