(Official PvP, RP) Strong, Disciplined Soldiers Wanted To Destroy The Barbarian Hordes. (Calling RPers and Man The Wallers)

Hello Friends.

I am called The 7th Crest, and I am the leader of a new Kingdom forged on a Public Official PvP Server. This kingdom has an ongoing alliance with other clans on the server, whom are together trying to curb toxic, KoS, demolition derby PvP and form some semblance of civilization on the server. While we respect that some players want to play pillaging barbarians, we want to build our kingdom and keep these players out.

While our list of followers is massive from an NPC standpoint, an active defense is always the best defense in Conan, and as such, we need a stronger military. Given that I and some of my friends come from RP servers, we are in need of a strong clan(s) to build a home within our strong walls and train our warriors to fight.

Our goal on the server is to create a somewhat safe space for new/non-fighting inclined players on this PvP server. In order to do that, we have constructed massive fortifications and strong, unclimbable walls. Additionally, all of our territory–including the area in which you can build your clan’s base–is protected by the capital’s primary God bubble, which is maintained by my clan.

If your clan can help us defend the walls. The Alliance will provide all of the necessary supplies. Including weapons, armor, food, benches and building mats.

If you and your friends are interested in joining my kingdom, even if you are not fighters, you are more than welcome to come build on the sever within our territory, so long as you agree to our simple rules and contribute your dues to the Alliance (resources go to building and maintaining structural defenses god protection and the thrall armies.)

These rules include, but are not quite limited to:
-No looting allies without the intent to return gear
-No taking supplies that are not designated as clan/alliance wide.
-No Killing on sight anyone that is not an enemy of the alliance or criminal with an active bounty.
-Not destroying the territory/base or landclaim of anyone not considered an Alliance Enemy

Please DM for more information, and server info.