Official PVP Server 1804 Blocks new players

New Players are banned from PVP server 1804 because they have built a wall that blocks the starting area from the rest of the map. It has anti-climb technology and you can’t build near it to jump over. While it is impressive it is also very unwelcoming. I get that I can join another server, but FunCom should not allow such things on official servers. How do you expect to keep or attract new players?

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i’m not even a part of the drama that created this blatant new player deterrent, but became a swift victim of it after dying without a spawn point already placed somewhere within the world beyond the wall

it’s not a good look

So, nothing new as of today…Do you even care FunCom? I don’t get it…not even a response to say that you don’t care.

they won’t, all they will say is try another server, as if people who do this type of stuff are better than everyone else.
It sucks it really does…

wow…so if you were 60 and got raided and your bed/bedroll was destroyed…you would be screwed and have to start over on a new server…that is awful.

Thank you for reporting this matter. We are looking into the situation and hope to be able to provide a solution in the near future.

5 days to say that nothing was done.

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