Official PvP server 3552 PS4 Join up!

NA Official PvP server 3552 is a great server to join. World maps on all the Obs and important places for easy travel. It’s a peaceful server the alpha even helps new players. Great for new players or Veterans. If your looking for a server where you won’t get raided all the time try PvP server 3552 on PS4

Servers are back up

A great server for solo players or tribes. If looking for a chill pvp server try this one

No toxic people please

Best part it’s an official server so no admin abuse and it will never disappear

Putting up pvp arena for the server so people can socialize and compete without nuking each other’s bases

I feel like this server would be a fun one to lay waste to…

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Pvp arena is now up

Join up still plenty of room on this official pvp server

I’ll join :slight_smile: any clan like to recruit me?

Brotherhood is recruiting

Also message brotherhood hood want use pvp arena

Hello all,
We have just launched a new server today (8-2-19) with official rates and settings. There will be no admin or gm clans or bases to raid, no event/admin/gm shops. No admin presence and with that being said; no admin abuse. We used the admin panel one time to see how it was possible for the ADMINs to do what they did to us on the last server and that was it. There is no donations, or P2W (pay to win) There are no community structures or anything like that. It would be as if FUNCOM launched a new server today.

Currently we have 6 players but we are happy to add more slots as the community grows.

If you’re interested, hurry up and join today and find your safe spot along the river !

Servername : PS4 Official Settings FRESH 8/2/19

A discord server will be launched but not required for to join. It will be an optional platform to use to get to know your community and make suggestions. We will also have the small list of rules posted there. Common sense rules, such as

No walling of resources
No walling of bosses
No walling of Paths/walkways
No excessive land claiming
(Exp. laying altars every 5 feet for miles)

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Try unofficial undaunted

We’re recruiting on 3552