✰✰✰✰✰Official PVP Server- Established Alpha Clan- Recruiting 2 Warriors and 1 Builders✰✰✰✰✰

Our Clan is the toughest clan on our server. Due to 3 people becoming inactive we currently have slots for 3 lucky players.

To Join: Send an EMAIL to : paperkingnyc@gmail.com - ADD “PalmBeachNinja” on Steam
In your email include a brief description of your experience with the game. You will be invited to discord for an interview.

♫Server info:
High Population
Server is a mix of East Coast, West Coast and GMT players
We are currently contenders for dominance on our server
Mature, Focused Player-base

-Ability to play at scheduled times ( Doesn’t have to be every day)
-Willingness to level to 60 withing a reasonable time frame
-Desire to Build an arsenal and PVP
-Mature attitude
*A working microphone and headset so we can hear you in discord is preferred

2 Slots open for Warriors and 1 Slots open for builders - though all will be included in raiding.