Official server 1040 online, 0/40 and unable to connect



If it’s anything like yesterday, it’s gonna stay like this for like 2-3 hours…


#1932 again


1518 now. again. forever and ever


1031 for more than a Day now…


Heya all,/

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No server lockups last 2 days. Guess they changed something despite continual 40/40 pop :slight_smile:


Aaaand… Server is down again.


After a long row of working flawless. I blame Merexa.

0/40, server froze up.


Ahhh shaddap :c Well ofcourse I came back from 2 weeks vacation and after two days this… :sob:


Back to this again are we? Oh boy.


30 minutes ago server came up with warning that in 10 mins it would reboot. Happened after like 3 seconds.

Now server is up half an hour later but goes straight to character creation. I have a feeling it´s like one of the other servers that is in same state. Everything on the server is wiped.

@Spynosaur_Nicole can you comment on this?


Say whát… WIPED? If that is true I quit and ask for a refund on at least the DLC.


Server is back up with restored save game. Nothing lost :slight_smile:




Wait… I can’t find the server…


Try remove from favourites in steam in the server browser there. It may have gotten new IP.


Server 1040 still down,Ilhan wtf you did


It´s up, remember to remove from favourites in steam server browser.


Yeap, it works again. I wonder if this helped against server crashes etc.

I want to remind people about a Discord server we have for 1040 :slight_smile:


Looks like we are offline. Either crash or network loss.