Official server #1060 PvP constantly crashing

well, i prefer to not predict future,

when i come back to play and see cheaters i report everything for some admin too,
with DM here, with prints and location, etc…

if everybody loses hope, the game ends forever, because like the staff said on the pinned post that they dont have gamemasters and they dont check by themselves, they need the reports to do something,
and even if they do nothing sometimes, i still believe that they will start to banish people more and more, because the thing is getting ugly, the game is getting really killed,

simple like that, when i play, i will keep reporting, sometimes i get tired and i quit,

but i have to be honest, maybe it has never been so hard the cheating problem ,
added with lag ou SA servers, im starting to think on give up for an long time from this game, and what makes me more sad is that in the past i saw and believed on people saying that some bugs like undermesh were “gone”, and they were not…
always suspect when people say things like that !!

Well i think im giving up for good soon if nothing changes in some time.

PvP - Unplayable, server crashes, 50stats players - no point in that.
PvE-C - Can’t raid, fight only for foundation spam / build spots and cheaters still get into bases by cheating to steal stuff.
PvE - What’s the point? PvE aspect is no challange, just get one thrall and You can kill anything effortless. Not to mention foundation spam everywhere and no places to build. Most places look like MINECRAFT.


one admin awnsered me on DM that they will ask to G-Portal to check the servers,
if it doesnt change, i will cannot play too, i was coming back to play after some months and got very sad with this situation… i still could not play the game , just for some hours and all the progress stoped because we pratically have no servers…

i made an big thread about this problem months ago,
suggesting to somehow make an big limits to foundations,
but the minecrafters cried and cried alot, they get offended with anything you say,
even if you say it in an polite way, they runned way from the subject and started
offeding everybody there to make the admins close it,
was an ridiculous situation

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Okay. we are have the same problem at 1088 EU PVP Server. Funcom do nothing. Bigger Clans are gone for now. The Cheaters have fullstats and are nearly not able to kill them. They are raiding each day another base of a clan. The players amount decrease fast and the players loose their motivation to play. I guess Funcom do this on purpose that they dont need to pay for servers and the players rent their own.

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Man You have no idea how long i have been fighting with this. How many PvP Official servers i was playing on, how many reports i sent, how many hours i spent to investigate, make screenshots, collect evidences… All for nothing. HOW MANY NICE AND GOOD people i have met in servers and now they are all gone, only few individualas left, most of players left are hackers and exploiters now or simply new players that dont know anything about exploiters YET. Im really sad i won’t be able to chat with those good people, they probably left game for good as i did now. Funny thing that i was switching servers and saw SAME group of cheaters / exploiters on most of servers i was in. Many turkish groups, many chinesse groups, few russians - most of them had hidden steam ID or funcom ID so no way to report them or they had id like for example ##################/3, ################/6, ###############/9. - If you see that names when pressing ~ (console) you know you have cheaters on server.

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