Official server 1079 stealth wipe?

Can I be your 3rd YouTube subscriber please ?
On a serious note, as said before, Funcom don’t host those servers and I’m sure its just and admin error, give them time to sort it.

Thing is, how more forgiving can you be? Bugs - “oh sure thye will fix it”, they go on vacation with same bugs present “oh sure they will fix them when they come back”
I’m sorry, but this is a business.
There are lots of other games competing for the same niche,
Funcom isnt doing anything to increase the value of their game over other games of the same genre.

We all hear you and share your pain, but it’s not Nicole’s fault

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I don’t know about that:


Another user suggests she is an undercover agent of Studio Wildcard, could it be true?

Where is the link to the thread mate, we need more context than that.

Please tell me you were joking, pulling Nicole’s leg, and that it’s me who just got suckered… I thought you were serious for a moment. Maybe it’s time for me to get to bed.

Lol, all in good fun I’m sure, or is she a Wildcard mole.


Hi. You can report this by using the Conan Exiles Official server reporting tool, located here:

Why would my post asking Solry to give us some links to his Gaming Journalism Prowess be removed from the thread? It was his claim, Im just interested to see his work.

If was a moderator in this forum, I would have Thanos as an avatar and my signitur would be reading:

“The only matter, i do not take serious is YOU, BOY!”

Luckily, I’m not in that tempting situation.

Official server means, duh, official support. It means that these are THE servers to go for the official game experience.
Do you rent WoW, battlefield or whatever other game servers, do you go to pirated servers or do you go to official servers, because you have paid for the game?
What is so mindboggling here?
I paid money for the game and i want to enjoy it. Funcom does everything within their power to prevent me as a customer from doing just that.
I do not want to play dedicated servers because:

  • shady admins banning ppl when their clan loses, selling stuff for real money, using admin panel to win and spawn stuff, etc.
  • wipes
  • ridiculous server settings (x10000000 gather rates, 1 minute PvP time only if it’s Tuesday February 29 and it’s raining and the wind is exactly 45mph, 1 second night time and 20 years of daytime, etc.)
  • it can go down whenever the person hosting decides to quit the game

There are 2 versions of 1079 server:

Old one pre yesterday’s restart, now offline

New one, post restart, now online, no Battleeye, weird settings, 0 players, 0 structures, 0 saved data.

2 different IP adresses, 2 different servers sharing the same name, one offline (old one) and one operational (new one)
As a result is the loss of all characters, all the buildings, basically all the data stored since the server opening day, which is May 17.

What are the news?

Ah, maybe I was correct in my disk failure assumption.

Hi @Solry I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. I understand how valuable your work product is, and prefer to play on official servers as well.

I posted this yesterday to add to the list of servers that seem to be mashed up right now. Yours is one of them. Do keep in mind your server IP address may change from time to time, so if you try and connect to an old IP address that’s been recycled to another server entirely … well then you get the Character Creation scenario because you’ve never logged onto THIS server before. It’s best to use the in-game Server Browser and search by server number to ensure you’re getting to the correct one, in event of IP changes.

Hello @Barnes The in-game browser connects me to the new server, that has 0 structures on it and 0 players online (obviously everyone cannot be bothered playing this game after losing everything, I’ve personally moved to Dark and Light and I am having a total blast now)
The links I’ve provided are the results of a research I made on the web via browsing server statistics to try and figure out what has happened to the server.
The new server has no Battleeye, as I’ve mentioned, and the same weird settings you collected in your thread. The old server is being listed as offline but still shows “players online” statistics until yesterday’s evening.

Certainly. You are at the nexus of two issues. Once corrected, your server should be restored to its proper settings, and rolled back where necessary. It did happen once during Early Access, to a small section of servers. This is quite a bit larger, and has taken considerably more time to correct.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath. Funcom proved time and time again to be highly incompetent over the past year. (Lines of code with typos in them are still present despite the fact that it takes minimum amount of focus not to make them and minimum amount of time to fix them, for example)

You may want to take a look at the thread, and add your experience to it. I would, but I’m not a player on them as by ping I would ordinarily be unable to join. So it’s false for me to make a report, although I follow the servers’ status on behalf of friends. I do believe a solution is present, and IMO an explanation should be available by the end of the weekend.

Since I cannot create a forum account without purchasing that game I have some questions if you don’t mind. How is the loading time/frame rates? I see that there is an issue but that was in 2017, still an issue? Any game breaking bugs or issues you’ve experienced so far, lag?