Official server 1079 stealth wipe?

Euro Tuck is a very good sim. Well, maybe not ‘very good’ but more people appreciate it than CE it seems. That must say something.

Also, a bit of positive feedback\food for thought.
I do not really know what was actually the cause of it but right now the AI of hostile NPC improved after the server went back to its somewhat proper state. They no longer just stay and look as you kill them, they started chasing and fighting back again.

My money is on Funcom using these stats in a few months time to justify ceasing any further development.


Don’t count your chickens too soon, our AI’s work too, until you get more that half a dozen join the server, then they stop again.

Is possible, yes.

Well, um.
The server went offline again and is not showing in the ingame browser.

Server settings have been corrected. I think it went down so they could update the settings, so sorry about that!

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Yeah, its all good now, thank you!

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All setting are now good, but
The raiding time does not account for time zones anymore. It is properly set to start at 17 server time but now the server time had changed apparently.
Raid time used to start at 19 (real time for my time zone) now it starts at 17 (real time for my time zone)

It’s not that easy. They still can release patches that really fix the mess and provide some announced features. However, it would be toxic to simply give up the game. This would be like admitting Funcom can’t develop a major game and provide decent support for it out of their own. Keep in mind, they have investors and that they are being traded at Stock Excange since this year. :smirk: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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Server 1040 just got “wiped” today as well with a server move I guess.

Savegame restored on 1040. All good :slight_smile:

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The server is gone. AGAIN.
Servers 1070 to 1080 are working, but not 1079.
Are you KIDDING me? Can your devs do ANYTHING right?

Okay, now same thing again
This server is online now, it doesn’t show in the game server browser.
It shows that there were 8+ players online since Monday (the day the server was restored after Friday malfunction), i assume that was me, my clanmates and several other ppl from clans that play on this server,

Now approximately 3 hours ago it went offline.

Then disappeared from the game browser (i assume) but remained online (a restart?) and if I try to direct connect it yet again prompts me to create a new character.

How long this bullcrap is going to last?

Lol uhh what… censorship much. Completely deleted my reply. It is truth, game isn’t gonna last long if this keeps happening. I was playing 8-10 hours a day, now… been a few days since I even opened it.

Looking into it.

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Everything seems to be fixed.
For now.
Thank you.

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it is gone AGAIN.

Are you certain? I see it just fine on my server browser in the game. I set the filter to “official” and entered “107” into the server name to see if any of those popped up. And 1079 is one of them.