Official server #1110 PVP Barrow King blocked by player

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Performance |
Region: Europe

A player has remnants of his raided base over the cave where the barrow king spawns. When me and my clan got there it wouldn’t spawn and we asked in chat whether something is wrong or if someone had done it recently. They said that the base has been blocking its spawn for a while now. I don’t know how they decay system has done nothing about this and the base is way too big for us to use explosives on.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Base over Barrow king
2.Won’t respawn

Use explosives, trebuchet, gods, all the things…

The thing is I don’t wanna be forced to use loads of my clans (only 4 people) resources simply to be able to enjoy all of the content the game I paid for has… Q_Q

I hear you. But someone on that server has to man up an do what needs to be done. Your clan can set the standard by wiping that punk’s base thereby doing everyone on the server a favor.


If you guys are on an official server you have to do it by yourself. Maybe some other people will join you on this but Funcom will never intervene on things happening except for cheaters to be banned maybe.

If you are on private server try to contact the moderator to get help.

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Isn’t that the whole point of PvP? Denying your enemies resources, etc. to make it harder for them to attack you?

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No, that’s called being an douchebag and trying to cause disruption for the server. There’s another clan on the same server who built over the aloe soup recipe and another clan who’s trying to wall off an obelisk.

I host and play on a private PvE-C server, and this simply doesn’t happen in our environment.

I feel that by playing PvP, you’re signing up for this type of game play, after all, the whole point of the game is to DOMINATE the server;


  1. have power and influence over.

synonyms: control, influence, exercise control over, be in control of, command, be in command of, be in charge of, rule, govern, direct, be the boss of, preside over, have ascendancy over, have mastery over, master, have the upper hand over, subjugate, hegemonize;

domineer, tyrannize, oppress, bully, intimidate, have the whip hand over, push around/about, boss, ride roughshod over, trample on, have under one’s thumb;

informal wear the trousers;
informal have someone in one’s hip pocket;

Is this not what those players are doing to all of you on your server…

The official opening line for the game:

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survive in a savage world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare.

Seems to me that those other players are DOMINATING your server guys, you didn’t win the war on your map.

Come and play with us on a PvE-C server if you’d like to enjoy ALL of the content you paid for.

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Seems isn’t the same as what is happening, the guys building ontop of the barrow king are called Jetkill, they never fought any wars against any of us, they just quit one day after getting mass bombed by people who didn’t like them being up there.

The aloe soup guys have also quit, the obelisk builders got raided and got super salty about it, so they decided to do that, nothing dominating happening here only salty chumps getting their backsides handed to them and quitting.

And why the buggery would anyone play on a PvE-C server? It’s just pvp lite, nothing substantial or interesting. Maybe if it had added building damage like the PvP servers do it would be a lot more interesting.

All depends on what it is you’re wanting from the game I suppose. I don’t enjoy the stress of having all my efforts destroyed whilst at work. I also do enjoy the relaxed community of primarily middle-aged adults who just like to explorer, build and make friends. You’ll get to this point in life at some point too mate.

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