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I’m from EU and my friend from US bought this game so we could play it together, I have a team and level 60 character in official g-portal #1130 server, He’s trying to join the server and gets a message that his ping is too high (He’s got like 120-140 when hes refreshing, on other games, like rust he gets less then 100 all the time). Can we or somebody else do anything to change this ? He’s able to play any other games with no problems on EU servers, has a really good connection and no problems with lag whats so ever, just this game. Is there any solution to this problem apart from refunding the game ? :slight_smile:

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  1. Trying to join official EU server #1130 from US > ping too high

Hey @firebat

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Official servers have a ping limit of 140 and they’re there to provide the best experience possible. We have also a few servers with no ping restriction (labelled “No Ping”) in case you would like to play with people from other regions. Private servers can also fiddle with this setting to any option of their liking.

So basically the netcode isn’t optimized enough isn’t it ? Well I’ll have to let him know, that he needs to refund it, because I can’t imagine gameplay on a PVP “no ping” server, the official ones aren’t brilliant, so what would be a non official one, plus moving again from this server to another (another one kept on crashing or been ddosed)… That sucks, I guess instead of making some dlc’s the company should fix the game, or have something written in steam store that this game is region locked basically, so ppl from other regions wouldn’t waste time and money. Sorry for negativity, but this is reality I guess.

Run from that server, 2 guys are living undermesh raiding everyone and u can’t raid them cause of it, we used 6 gods and a thousand bombs for nothing cause we can’t get inside the mess and not even gods do damage to what’s undermesh (the whole base) so it’s useless. It’s been reported a lot of times by a lot of people but they never do nothing, it’s been months with this guys there (H7 yog temple) so try anotehr server and you’ll enjoy it more.

Ping limits to ensure fair performance per region is a common practice in online games. Active admins on private servers can better monitor the limits they want to adjust on their own based on day to day performance, a luxury we cannot afford with hundreds of servers. You can even host your own server using the Dedicated server launcher:

Stating it is region locked is false, hyperbolic and heavy handed. Additionally, if you have any additional reports please open a new thread following these steps to see if we can act upon it:

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