Official server #1214 bugs in the game

Hello. I wanted to report a bug. It is impossible to place the foundation at a specific point on the G9 square. I try to build a house and in that place the foundation is not put but the number of foundations decreases

I realize this is hard on the fingers, but could you do the following to help us?

Stand in the spot where you cannot place a foundation.
Hold down “right-control, right-shift, right-alt and hit the key L”
A small window will pop up with the exact coordinates.
Hit control-C to copy the complete text.
Alt-tab back over here and, in a reply to this thread, hit control-V to paste that text so we can find that exact spot.
Complete and post the information.

Alt-tab back to the game and repeat the “right-control, right-shift, right-alt and hit the key L” to exit the coordinate mode.

Given that, we can get there easily and replicate your issue and perhaps determine a reason or demonstrate a bug.



PS: Welcome to the forums !

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