Official Server #1589 Griefing & Harassment

During raid hours on 6/25/19 a group called “Big D*** Energy” trolled and harassed every person they came in contact with. They’ve built and blocked 98% of the brimstone in the shattered springs, afraid of server retaliation. We need some administrative help. Blocking spawns of resources hinders all players on the server from progression. Screenshots are available.

Not 100 % sure, but I think you might be in the wrong forum? This is secret world legends.

Or I just gravely misunderstood how the new york raid works.

No this is a common issue in agartha to

This sounds like a Conan Exiles issue. You may wanna post on that forum.

Welcome to the forums @Gohdin To counter the Big D*** clan on a pvp server you need Big B**ls. There are no admins on official servers and Funcom do not assist with brimstone lakes being blocked as there are other ways to farm brimstone. It is war over resources.

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Landclaim Harassment is not allowed. Follow this link and report them to Funcom.

@Gohdin Tell them you will get “ISIS” to come and wipe them again…please post what server this is and their annihilation will commence soon.

I wouldn’t put much faith into @Jhiadi…he is asking for the server numnber in a thread titled Official Server #1589… May not be the savior you are looking for :slight_smile:

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