Official Server 1602 - Xbox - Issues

Weapons only functional part of the time (cannot shoot arrows or attack with melee weapons).
Harvesting material functions sometimes
Character will randomly get stuck in an open area as if trapped by an invisible force field.

Platform XBOX

By Ymir’s Beard! This server is really ticking me off to no end! Would that it was a foe that I could cleave in two!

The same issue is happening on PvP US Server 1420.

Okay so this issue continues to happen on any Official Server that I join and I found a temporary “fix”. When I first spawn into the game I check to see if I can shoot my bow or if I am “rubberbanding”. If either is the case, I put all of my gear into a chest and then find the nearest foe and let them kill me. When I respawn into the game, everything is working as it should. I really hope this is resolved prior to Go-Live.