Official Server 1654

Calling all Bronans, i wanted to make a forum post about official server 1654. This is the the server i finally settled on and truly enjoy. The community is progressive and aggressive. By saying this i mean the community including my group help out new players and give them tips and goods to keep on keepin’. By aggressive i also mean the community has some pretty large clan bases established that actively raid those they feel are getting too big. The server generally has 30 people or so on, i’m making this post to spread awareness for more players to join. A full server is a fun server plain and simple. A lot of players have left the server and gone to others or just never played again. Lots of bases of decayed away and cleared out the spaces they had. I want to encourage new players to play here because the server still has plenty of amazing spots to build. And new players can enjoy the 2x harvest amount to get a quicker start.

Offical server 1654
PvP - yes
All Multipliers are - 1x
Max Clan Size - 10
Max Ping - 140
PVP Damage Restriction is active during these times:
Week Day start 17:00-2300 and Weekend 17:00-2300.

Basically if you do not know what that means it means that during those times are the only times your buildings can be damaged by other players. Note i said all Multiplers are 1x EXCEPT harvest amount which is 2x. This gives new players the edge they need to craft bases and get ahead as they play.

Anyways, please feel free to post comments and talk about your server experiences as well. I want to keep this post going to encourage new players to join certain servers to grow the population.

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