Official Server #1952 PvE Conflicts


Does anyone know what caused the server drop out for #1952? It just kicked everyone out about 20minutes ago and is still registering a ping but will not let anyone join? You wait on loading screen for approx 5 mins and then it disconnects you?

Any ETA or not worth waiting for tonight? Being fixed later etc?

Any help appreciated,

Got the same issue here.

Would love to know what’s going on.

This should be the most important post on these entire forums. Without resolution of the server and an ETA at the very least all of our lives will be over.

We Need An Answer!

Sudden disconnect for me too, out in the open no less. Now with bodies that stay in the world I am worried one of these bastards will rob me blind…

What should we do? Lets gather our warriors and take a stand out front of their head office?

Server is officially back up !!!

Server is accepting connections again.

Hi there,

It seems to have been a random server crash. As @Ozzi3 and @lumenstrife said this server should be good to go now. If it goes down again, please let us know!

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