Official Server 1970 major problems

Game mode: Official Server 1970
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Oceanic

After update this morning the 16 May.
1 Game is laggy,
2. inventory in stations, chests, vault wont show mats. Just a blank (square)with qunatity per item.
3. When trying to harvest nodes dissapear after one hit in inventory as per 2
4. Game not loading as the video is not clear.
5. Sound is laggy never had that problem ever.
6. Wont let me exit the server. Just freezes for about 5 min them goes to normal way to exit but does not exit the server. It appears it wants to reload the game. No error message or alerts me to send report to funcom.

Spoke in global chat they have the same issues.
Validated the files as I usually do after every update.

Please Solve asap.

Still having the same porblems
Unable to play

On all servers Also unofficial