Official server #1974 WRONG RAID TIMES

Official #1974 (Australian) has the wrong raid times, they are currently from 3-8pm instead of 5-11pm, it has been like this since a server crash a week ago. Are funcom/OFFICIAL server hosts as incompetent and unresponsive as it seems they might be? Should I expect this issue to be resolved or just jump ship to another server now?

its new zealand time 5 pm to 11 pm

funcom have done alot to improve this game you sad sad boy

sqwerty is a griefer his alliance built a big sandstone wall with t3 fencing across the noob area to stop new players getting to mainland

faires have worked all month to destroy it then they tried blocking obelisk

Sqwerty is just butt hurt he probably got raided an he thought being part of a alliance with 15+ players is protection. He raids low level players then crys when he gets raided. Just keep building an blocking obelisks like the little ■■■■ head kids u are.