Official server #1977 PvE Conflict - High ping, very low FPS, restarts and unavailability

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Server: #1977

I played straight during the week to fill my hecatomb, today I was happy that it would happen, because then the server started to have a very high ping and very low FPS around 18:00, after that the server restarted 2 times, in a planned way because the messages came from the server that laughed restarting in 10 minutes, then in 5 minutes and finally in 1 minute. However, one of these resets was during my hecatomb, which caused the points bar to be consumed and I did not throw my hecatomb, he was in the second wave with legendary lackeys knocked to the ground. I was very sad, because I planned the days of this hecatomb for days, I made points for days for this hecatomb, and now I will have to farm back because when the server comes back, the minions will be gone, my hecatomb will be over and my points were consumed.
I believe that the server administrator at that moment of maintenance, seeing that he would need to restart to apply some modification, could have turned off the hecatombs, to ensure that no one would be harmed. I believe it would be prudent to add this procedure to the server maintenance script, I believe it would be very good for the community.
Our server, 1977 has suffered a lot due to high lag and low fps, and I believe that this maintenance comes to guarantee some improvement for the server, I just wanted the administration to be more careful.
Thank you very much in advance.

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