Official Server #1977 with issues since Yesterday



Since yesterday 12/31/2018 at 1:10 PM (GTM-3) server # 1977 of South America stopped working normal. You can not mine, cut down, kill or be attacked. Today 1/1/2019 16.23hs (GTM-3) the server continues in the same conditions … More than 24 hours without being able to play and this problem happens every day but it is usually solved with the reset of 6am. It does not stop being annoying not being able to do anything for more than 8 hours each day, one arrives to work after 8pm and one can not sit down and relax for a while playing something that he likes because the server is doing badly. I would appreciate you checking this problem.


Server come back to normal at 17.30hs (GTM-3)
Server bug again 1/1/2019 18.49hs (GTM-3).


3 hours… Server still not working normal.


Server bug again


Who is hosting your server?


it’s an official server so i think Gportal…


Hey there,

We’re aware of this situation and we released a statement yesterday:

We apologize for the frustration this situation is causing and we greatly appreciate your patience while we try to figure out what’s causing this issue.

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