Official Server 1978 Config Server


The Official Server 1978 presents configurations different from the other official servers of conan, the decay time and the event log show such differences, please make adjustments for standardization with the other servers.

True, it’s disturbing the players a lot this configuration! I hope they change

@Melcom S: move to suggestions subforum.

Isn’t this a bug report?
If one official server setting is different from all other official servers of the same rule set and location then isn’t that a bug to be investigated and fixed rather than a suggestion??

Hey @Ignasi,

Would you be able to note this one down somewhere (Trello)?
Also, should someone use the official server issues tool or bug subforums for setting differences?

It’s true, pleas make this ajustment, to help us to know how to Raid

Hey there,

The server should have the correct settings now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

thanks for the return, the server returned to normal and now we know who is doing something wrong.

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