Official Server 1998 - Infinity loading screen - Timezone wrong

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [SA - Brazil]

Even with the recently changes, this server (#1998) keep having the eternal loading screen problem. Took me hours to enter on it, all of my friends are having the same problem.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to log in on Official Server 1998
  2. Have fun!
  3. Start crying…
  4. Give up…

Also the timezone on SA Servers are wrong. The raid time lasts until 4 am.


I’m also having the same problem here.
it’s not only when you log in, when you die the same thing happens.
And it’s no joke nor overstatement when he says that it took hours to get in.


Please funcom, fix this problem, i trying to play with my friends since the launch and we cant.


Same here, shame on funcom, they cant fix a gamebreaking issue!


Same issue here

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Join this one… BR-SP Duartina PVE-C WIPE 14/05/18

Same happens on 1999. If you never had a character on the server, you can connect. After your first loggout, you can’t connect anymore.

All the other SA servers looks fine tho, except for 1998 and 1999.


And on this server the problem also happens when you die … it’s just like entering the server … it takes forever … We’re just watching Funcom releasing servers to ASIA / EUROPE but to South America no attention … in 3 only … unfortunately …

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same problem here and it takes forever to respawn after you die…

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same problem here on a private server.
stuck in loading screen or respawn with no UI.
the only solution we found is:

  1. open console
  2. Suicide
  3. fast alt+f4
  4. rejoin and spawn in the desert
    but u have to run all the way back to your base.
    stay in the world after logout is deactivated but that doesnt change anything.

So Funcom, no words about that server?

12 days of problems and zero response. Nice company you have there.