Official Server #2725 PvE clipped into another clans foundation

So I was walking on the foundations of a neighbors base when as best as I can figure out I clipped into the foundation. I’ve tried logging out and waiting a bit before logging back on but when I do I’m stuck in the foundation. I’ve had a clan mate come over and we can figure out approx where I’m at but he doesn’t see any trace of me but can hear me punching. Is there any way to get unstuck? I’d rather not lose all my stuff when I die because my corpse is stuck IN the foundation and I can’t simply go grab it.

Ask from a clan member of the owners of this foundation to place a pvp flag very close to you. When you log in accept the pvp and remove your bracelet. This way you will spawn in your bed and you will loose nothing. The difficult part is to find the owners, if however you know them send them a message, I don’t think they won’t have some silk and planks to fix a pvp flag :wink:.


If only it were that easy. Over the past several weeks we’ve never seen the players online at all. A clan member set up signs around their base the day this happened asking if they would help and nothing yet so hopefully this weekend.

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