Official Server 3015 and others

I’m appalled at the game Masters stupidity and there priority system perfect example this server has a horrible lag issue but the annuity option was set on people including me reported the severe lag issue the only thing they did was turn off the nudity
But refused to address the actual problem matter of fact it’s even worse
last I checked this game is rated 18 and plus that means this is an adult nudity should not be an issue but you game performance and function is I’m sorry but I don’t think any children or anyone under the age of 18 play this game and if they do their parents should be punished so turn back on the options and fix the actual issues I’ve been noticing that on a lot of servers they have been turning off the nudity options on all the official servers but making the lag issue and latency even worse it’s not worth even playing on the official servers anymore good job game developers you have an IQ of 15 you have defined a new definition of stupidity stupid . you open up all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid. Congratulations you have set a new level of stupidity and priority good job