Official Server #3019 PvE- Server Issues

Game mode: Online
Problem: Items “decay” from inactivity too quickly
Region: Server based in Asia

We recently relocated our base and started to place our items. I placed a well and a taming pin. Both “decayed” due to being “abandoned” after only being offline for a few hours. I proceeded to place a second well, which also did the same thing. I placed a Wheel of Pain last night about 9:30pm Mtn Standard Time US and put two thralls in it. When i logged in today, around 5pm, the wheel of pain was gone. I checked the Event Log in game and it said again that “Wheel of Pain owned by Wolves of Odin has changed decay state to abandoned. Will decay at 2019.04.13-12.59.12.” and then “Wheel of Pain owned by Wolves of Odin has decayed.” the first message posted at 9:58AM and the second message shows the time at 01:31 pm. we hadn’t even been offline for 12 hours and my structures are decaying when we are offline. This issue needs to be fixed. It takes a lot of time to do things on official servers, and i put a lot of work in to get those thralls and those items crafted. I have now lost two wells, a wheel of pain, and a taming pin as well as two thralls. This problem didn’t start until the most recent update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log into server #3019
  2. place a well or wheel of pain
  3. log out and wait a day
    4.log back in after 24 hours and it’s gone
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