Official server 3514 PVE Conflict

SO you pay $60.00 for a game that you cant play 90% of the time due to the inability to get past the loading screen, not being able to move if you do, not being able to open invisiable doors if you can move, not being able to access benches/fires ect. because they dont load in, unable to to harvest resources…just ya know, play the game you spent money on. I am SO disappointed that i spent money on this game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just f-ing log in.

yeah, officials servers have been kind of laggy this days.

Hello @MUELLER_13, welcome to the forums!

We’ll reach out to you privately to request additional details to provide to G-Portal so they can look into this matter.

Just so everyone is clear, this issue hasnt been fixed and the Devs have gone radio silent.

As it has been mentioned to you over PM, we were out of the office for easter, as well as for the weekend, which caused unevitable delays to our response times.

We’ve registered the data you’ve provided and the reported situation is being looked into.

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