Official Server #3535

Server #3535 on PS4 has a rogue individual that is treating this open official server like it his own. He has placed foundations from the dam in north to great wall and from aqueduct to the east mountain range. He is just laying foundations, built them around our buildings, and has pretty much claimed the entire region. My clan leader has sent numerous pics, complaints, etc and you continue to do nothing. We just sent 17 new picture and he (name withheld) placed foundations right in front of us and kept on going. This is an official server not his private server. He has broken 4 out of your 4 rules and two months later Funcom you still do nothing? True we can leave and find new server but is that the answer??

It is now a normal situation in officials servers. need admins for the servers.

He has built nothing but foundations across the map and drops an alter or a bench to anchor it. He did it right in front of us and on game chat we confronted him and he said go to another server if you dont like it. I have a pic of the area he has just laid foundations but cant post it as I dont post her but the server admin keeps asking for pictures and it like a bot response as we have provided them. All an admin needs to do is go to the server and go to grid G8 to G10 and then from G10 to I10 and back down and see what he has done and how much content they have blocked and walled over.

He has foundation blocked a world boss, special Thrall spawn in location, and as I stated breached 4 out of 4 rules and the admins do nothing. He said good luck getting him banned so he obviously knows the admin will do nothing about it.

If this is how they regulate the game and let people abuse the rules and ruin others experience, I regret buying this game.


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