Official server #3650 help!

We need the help of the funcom team,take care of the maintenance of the server because there are players of [redacted by CS] with unacceptable and anti-gambling behaviors against all the server p:pensive:layers , one of their negative attitudes is the blocking of the obelisks access , use blocks to spam farm areas, if we pay for the game to have fun, we have the rigth to have access to game ,etc…strong text

CS: Names removed per our community guidelines:


Do not engage in “vigilante justice” nor encourage members of the community to do the same. Please do not “name and shame” other users; DM staff if you have an issue with another user or player in the community.

Stop killing us at the ob and this would not be an issue.

really kid?

You lie so much that they have changed until the name of the clan, you throw dirty and they do not accept to die in same way? Take shame of on what you call face . Changing the clan name does not help

What exactly are you complaining about? Its a PVP server yes?

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