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We used to have 3 alpha clans that kinda smacked each other around but 2 left to go back to their main servers out of boredom. Now there is only 1 Demon Slayer clan left that’s dicking on every new player in the game, they feel invincible. Need some fresh players on this server may be group up to be competitive. They’ve run off 2/3 of the server population. At what point does it become fun to be basically solo players on an official server?

Hey there,

If they are severely harassing other players, you can report their behavior. In the meantime or otherwise, the suggestion is usually to get a bunch of people together and raid them.
An alternative is joining a private server or setting up your own.

See the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures for how to report harassment and griefing issues.
Be sure to read these rules yourself as well before reporting.

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Yea the server is basically dead now, can’t get new people on long enough to put up a fight. Guess the server s a lost cause. I screenshot them blocking off thrall spawns with building thats my last hope and it’s a cheesy way to push back but they are breaking rules.

Platos, are you “Dblincertion” in game?

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