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As the title reads I recently started playing on a Official Server hoping to just relax and enjoy purge waves and to play the game for a more storytelling experience, however I noticed massive amounts of buildings, most looked like the great wall of conan to me as I could not walk around it with out it take hours! I noticed that the Official Server Admin Program I came up with could help on a provisional basis allowing forum community members with a long established presence and the use of a Admin Character only aspect that allows only maintenance not the adding of stuff to gain a beneficial advantage against others.

Obviously this Admin log would document all the activities taken by the Admin and a written statement for the reason of the action that can be appealed by the affected person/party/parties all actions related to the Admin Character wouldn’t take effect until a week after for the appeal process and the affected parties or persons would receive a automatic message upon logging in and how to contact the Admin responsible for the action with a final appeal if not satisfied to the Funcom employees.

Obviously this would require that long time established community members police and keep everything running smoothly and any action deemed improper or otherwise consider abuse of the Admin Program would be blacklisted from all Official Servers (ONLY) This would keep the building spam and the unnecessary massive buildings that are clearly just obnoxious and to block off a main travel route.

I noticed a few players actually had made structural buildings just to help people out and to travel faster! I believe that kind of community is more important than having a massive barrier span the nearly the whole map for no obviously reason… I also believe that some of the Official Server settings should be able to be changed by the Admin Program but only based off a suggestion box that can be used in game for that specific server and to make formal complaints against others that have a legitimate reason and problem to be corrected.

I believe that this would be acceptable with a terms and conditions agreement and that any and all other games funcom makes could have this carry over to any game so if you already had Admin rights you could help keep other game community’s friendly and a enjoyable experience.

I would like @Ignasis opinion on this and maybe a way to send this through the proper channels

The trust level that would be required for this is insane.
Forum mods is one thing, letting them touch game server is total another bag of squirrels.
I’ve seen several over my years, that failed or said wrong thing, did wrong thing.

I was mod else were for 15+ years, Plently of times took backlash for simple mistake. Like editing someone post cause it was “aggressive” And had someone throw a hissy fit to staff.

The same happens on in other forms, it’ll take one Server Mod, one goof. Or just 1 person to not be-happy with there building being knocked down to ruin it.
-example, players wall had a door/way/walkway, but was missed by server mod. But server mod took down wall.

I don’t wanna point at anyone, I’ve see a few in my time. And “good standing people, can turn bad with snap of fingers” I lost my Account on another forum by a fellow Mod who deleted mine because we had different takes on a situation.

It has to be Funcom Staff or bust.

BUT… as pointed out, the Way its set up, doesnt allow that type of editing in detail, or lack of. And Funcom can’t seem spare staff.

I think we really just need land claim over haul. There been a few suggestions. (thou only one I really think would work)

Alot of it has to do with getting rid of imbeciles, so player don’t need visit every base to reset, or just stop trolls.


We have someone(s) right now, who reports post on forums ■■■■■ nilly…

Power corrupts sadly, i’ve seen it happen and been on the end of pointy stick. =/

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I figured because they couldn’t spare staff maybe the members would actually be able to assist in some of the stuff.

However I agree it would be a huge trust factor.

Hey @SabunoHakia

It sounds like a good idea in paper, but as @Sera67 quickly pointed out it would be a management nightmare to keep track of every admin, their actions and the state of each server. This is the main reason we cannot offer this kind of service to start with. Even though we have been growing in the past couple of months, we’re still far from being enough to guarantee proper administration of each server or keeping track of a volunteer program like you suggested. Especially when each of those volunteers would be, in a way, representing us, the company, in front of many thousands of players.
We offer the official servers as a free service, but we understand this can lead to less than ideal situations in some servers. In that case we recommend checking out private servers, as some of them are real gems, including active administration, events, even admin-built cities!
Nonetheless, we appreciate the feedback @SabunoHakia and we try to improve as much as we can within the realms of our capabilities. :slight_smile:

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Well you can always just empower player. PvP servers in my experience mostly regulate themselves. If some one is camping noobspawn area other clans might interfere. Coalitions form against dangerous threats. Stuff like that.

Players on average are invested in the game. Introducing mechanics that steer social interaction in someway might work. For example clan wars for PvE-Conflict, ability to wage war on clan you don’t like. NPC faction standing, and more developed NPC factions.

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