Official Server changed from PVE to a Password protected PVP server

I’ve been playing on an official server (don’t remember the number) that I had saved in my favorites. It was the only server I had in my favorites and now the only server in my favorites list is some password protected PVP server. It happened sometime in the last 24-32hrs as I had played the night before. I don’t remember the server number (I thought that was what favorites were for) but the IP of the server on my favorite list is Friend that I played on the server with reports the same thing on his end

Has anyone else had this happen? Does the hosting company sell off official servers? It was a pretty well populated server with it being full or almost full at peak hours so I don’t get why it’d be dumped.

Either way, if I’ve lost all the work I put in over the past couple of weeks because the server was sold, I’m probably going to be taking a long vacation from this game again. I think it should be fair to believe that a server being labeled as “Official” should be immune to being sold off without warning.

That’s pretty messed up.

Seems like it might have been a mistake on G-portal’s side, I doubt Funcom would have had anything to do with it. But maybe they did, who knows?

I think you’re probably right about it being g-portal. Funcom should probably look into it either way. Official servers disappearing seems to be a problem at the moment based on other posts but haven’t seenany reports similar to mine. Having it replaced as a private, password protected server in my favorites and history list may indicate that G-portal is more about the money than the service. Having the official servers being difficult to trust that they won’t disappear on you makes for a game that probably will fall back into obscurity

There was a locked private server on my history list, too, that I had never played. It was called Balls or something similar.

MissGrim: did any of your actual favorites disappear when the locked private server popped up?

(The one mine became is “Land of the Free”)

It would be hard to tell because I was going by history and hadn’t added any favorites. I’ve tried a lot of them. I’ve only tried two private servers, though, and they were both still listed.

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