Official server complete reset

I play on PC official# 1965 and had a tier 1 base that only needed 4 bombs to fully raid.
It was completely wiped out by 50 bombs from a Chinese hacker clan (who abused the hell out of the glitch). They regularly change clan names so saying their clan name would be pointless.
The only way to fix this issue I believe is either mass delete all stored bombs, or a complete server wipe on all official servers.
Funcom can’t (or wont) ban all the players who abused this glitch, and are still currently profiteering from the abuse of this glitch, so this needs to be their solution.

This would be the right solution.

Curious, how are they profiteering from the glitch?

Blockquote Curious, how are they profiteering from the glitch?

By having mass stored bombs from when they abused the glitch to infinitely dupe them, they have a massive arsenal to ground zero any base they want to.

Ahhh, okay :sweat_smile:. The way you wrote it originally it sounded like you were accusing Funcom of profiting over the “dupe bug.” :wink:

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My thoughts exactly, lol.

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