Official Server Crashes / Lack of Support [1517, 1518, 1941, etc.]



It’s down already? That’s impressive, usually it takes until peak time like ~8PM.

Anyway, official word on these constant server crashes is they don’t know the cause and are “working on it”. Presumably they are “working on” discovering what the cause is at which point hopefully we can expect a switch over to “working on” a fix. No timeline available.


1518 is down again…


Private servers are dropping like flies as well. There’s definitely something very badly wrong here.


1518 just dc’ed again - not showing up on server list…


Bringing this up again because:

All these servers are suffering the same issue that’s been plaguing us for weeks/a month or longer now.
Can’t connect, infinite loading screen, down all night until restart.

That’s just the first few that servers loaded, there are probably more. Please fix this already!! We can’t play your game.


same problems in europe: 1041 got serious problems yesterday evening


Massive lag every few minutes again on 1518.

Yes, I reported it here

Yes, I’m posting on multiple posts. I’m pissed. This is unacceptable and damn near deserves a class action lawsuit.


Same in #1932


Hear hear! It’s as if you spoke the words in my brain. If this is how Funcom treats its customers then I am definitely never buying another game from these guys. Love the game, but these issues ruin it completely for me.


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