Official server full nudity where?



Did i said “North American” people? No dude, i said American people wich means the entire continent and also my country, my people, my kinsman. So it isn’t an insult and it isn’t directed to anyone, anywhere in particular. It was more of a joke tbh. So man, let us be less picky ok? Read more carefully next time bro.


Well i have my own theory there: Sony took that decision because they’re full of bulls#$@&. That’s the true. But no! That’s not the true at all… They have allowed full nudity in UK version of the game so they’re actually not full of anything. Honestly, i think Sony is not the one to blame. They follow or try to follow the rules and laws wich means they’ll allow adult content for adult customers if there’s no law broken in the matter. Actually the american version of the game was rated by ERSB and if you really want to blame someone, they’ll be your best shot. Personally i think this is all a big, enormous hypocrisy (sorry if i spelled it wrong, english isn’t my natural language) because in the same game where nudity is forbiden we can see the guts if the people we have cut in half and dismembered, butchered, slaughtered, ect, and spread them blood and make them in pieces but only seeing them naked is a sin… Whatever.
Well, that sounds quite a stupidity for me.
Anyway, my version of the game allows full nudity. Actually i have two versions: both american and UK and yes, i bought the game twice because i want to have freedom whyle chosing what i can or cannot see. I did that because i didn’t knew previously about UK version, otherwise i wouldn’t do it this way. What i really meant when posted it here was that even that i can set full nudity in my game i can’t find an american pvp server wich allow it. Even private ones are only partial nudity allowed and they are quite a few. Mostly i can only find servers with no nudity settings. So guys, have anyone found any pvp server for america region wich allow full nudity? That would be great…


That’s true. Uk version allow nudity so they may see it in a different way and in the end, that’s exactly the issue: Sony’s decision was off course based in that in america nudity is seen as something wrong. If we are to go deeper in rhat i would say it’s utterly incomprehensible since tge game allows all sort of bad things that shoudn’t be allowed for teen age (Conan isn’t to be blamed as game because almost any game, movie, ect, show strongh violence and gore nowadays). So that is quite a paradox that naked skin would be considered wrong whyle violence is not…


Anyway, if I play online, it is certain that it will be like this :

  1. There is full nudity: I stay on the server.

(And also, if the people on the server are cool, nice, talk rubbish, screw, help each other, cooperate with each other…etc.)

  1. No full nudity (and people are not cool) : I leave, I leave the server and I’m looking for another !


Calling the slant a joke does not make it any less offensive.

I think you will not find a official NA server for the PS4 that allows nudity. Perhaps try a EU PS4 server.

American PC servers have nudity. The PC version of the game for NA has fully nudity. It is not the people, it is the marketing target.
The difference between showing full nudity and showing a body fall into pieces is the issue of reality. In reality, a body does not split at the waist when hit in the head with an arrow. It is comical violence in that end. Showing fully nudity would be perfectly fine on PS4 if the body did not show details as is the case with Barbie and Ken dolls.


You’re partialy rigth. In many ways, the violence shown in game would be more of a comical then reality. But in the same way you told me im joking wouldn’t turn it less offensive (even that i wasn’t trying to offend in any way) i would say it wouldn’t turn violence less agressive. Besides, i have seen people cut in half by some gruesome ways in transit accidents and i can say that you can see almost the same in too many games whyle for mental sanity it shouldn’t be that easily seen. What i really mean? Simple: people takes violence, gore, and all sort of really bad things like stealing (GTA) killing others (any game) and a thousand more bad stuff as normal whyle ■■■, wich is essential for life purppose, wich can be very beautyfull and very pleasureous (sorry if wrong spelled) and NOTE that im not saying sexual violence (that is violence in the first place, not sex) and nudity, a very common condition since you cannot born dressed, is taken as wrong and it shoudn’t be like this. This is a true paradox when people consider acceptable what should utterly not be and see as uggly what is completely inherit to mankind and have nothing really offensive. I wonder if those who doesn’t accept nudity and see that as wrong can actually look at themselves naked in a mirror or if they have shame of themselves…
Well, we could take that discussion forever and i don’t think we’re going to change anything. This is all a matter of opinion. Many people feel ashamed about nude bodies. Many people see things in this way or that way and that includes the whole world. Same thing when you took my comentary as an offense to people who has birn in the USA even when i was talking about the whole american continent (somehow, people may think about the USA when we say america, but they use to forget that america means not a country but a whole continental land; i am american same as you bro); many other would just see thay as a funny comentary.
In the end, i must agree with you that i’ll probably not find any official server for america region wich allow nudity. Even private ones aren’t set to allow it and that sounds realy weyrd since you actually can do that in your own server. Maybe it is deeper than we actually think, who knows?
I think that the botom of that all relies in the fact that consoles are still seen as a toy for kids even that no kid can buy it but adults only, even that half of it’s users are actually adults (i am 44 years old). Well that’s what needs to be changed so yes, you’re rigth when you say that Sony tooks their decision based in market but we’re rigth too when we say that people has something to do with that and the way of seeing nudity should be changed.


Hahahaha. This very forum just have confirmed what im talking when saying people see nudity and S E X as wrong and this is stupidity: look my previous comment and you will see the very word that means the thing was censored. So i will have to re do my question: what is wrong with people that see a natural thing that is essential to keep the mankind alive as shame and as wrong?


Careful, you are making assumptions here.

Regarding nudity, I do not believe that being naked is the issue so much as suggesting what is considered to be mature content. I believe the issue is not so much that a child might see a naked soul but rather the suggestions that go with the nudity. Children seeing themselves naked holds a completely different viewpoint than a child seeing an adult naked. The characters in Conan: Exiles are adults with adult bits.

If you have a PC, I suggest you consider playing the PC platform as the PC is not as guarded and consoles. There is full nudity available on PC and there is a mod for those with…different…needs.


I’m sorry but did you just say North America is not a continent?


Well, yes.
North america is part of the american continent wich includes central america and south america. If anyone has changed that they forgot to warning me…


I think you might’ve missed something then, because I’m fairly sure North America and South America are distinct continents, plural. Though you’re right they’re collectively known as “the Americas” or (sometimes) just “America”.

Of course one might argue that the US calling themselves the “United States of America” when they’re really no such thing (America being, as noted, a collective term for a much larger land mass than just that occupied by the US) is a bit odd, but…good luck changing that :slight_smile: (before this devolves into a flamefest: yes I’m aware of the reasoning behind the name, and I certainly don’t have a problem with it, it’s just amusing to me)


I think i’ll pass and preffer to don’t even think about those needs… Jk.
Well, you’re right: kids are innocent to a point so i agree that they shoudn’t be able to see nudity (naked adults) in the same way we are allowed to. Also i would say they shouldn’t be able to see Conan’s violence either. The only point i can’t agree in full with you is that consoles shoudn’t be seen as a child’s toy. It was a toy when i was kid because most of the games at that time was really phantasious. Things are quite different nowadays and the games are growing more and more realistic and adult related. Off course we still have gamed adressed to kids but the majority of console users are adults that have grown playing Atary 2600 and SuperNess…
What i mean is that kids doesn’t buy consoles and games unless an adult allow them to so in the end the true console customer are adults. Now please, follow my mind: adults are the ones that buy the games even when they’re buying for their kids so they should be the ones chosing what their kids can or cannot see. What im saying is that i don’t want Sony, ERSB or governors, whatever, chosing for me what i can see or cannot. Freedom to decide is all that i desire.
But to be honest i’ve finally found an america’s server (a north american one i assume) that allows full nudity and now it’s ok. Regardless, my character is dressed most of the time just because i like to see her in some beautyfull armor. I don’t really miss her nudity, i just like to know that i can see it if i decide to. Is good enough to know that it is there lol.
Well man, sorry if somehow i have sounded rude to you. Believe me, that wasn’t my intention to offend in any way.
About playing in a PC im not much of it. It demands a very good machine and some patience to set things up. Consoles are cheaper and easy to plug and play. Besides, i have purchasd two versions of this game so that was enough money to give up to Funcom hahaha.
Take care.


Well i see your point but i am just repeating my teachers so i will assume they’re all wrong and told me lies…
Now the world have eight continents instead of five and if we would to go further i could say asia and europe should also be taken in the same way…
Who knows? I guess no one can be sure of anything nowadays…


Eh, there’s to my knowledge no objective way of determining just what gets “continent” status and what doesn’t. So it might not be lies and just a difference of opinion. I’m not even sure if there’s any kind of recognized authority to refer to or not, it’s mostly just about consensus isn’t it?

When I was a kid, Asia and Europe were most definitely different continents (seven continents, seven seas etc - neat!). These days some people argue that Europe and Asia is one continent. Makes sense to me, really.

Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread, but then again I’m not sure what one more thread about nudity (or its absence) will achieve, so “meh”.


Hey hey hey, you’re funny hahaha.
Maybe, maybe not. When i was a child (it was a loooooong time ago) i was told that the world was divided in five continents: america, europe, asia, africa and oceany (i am really sorry about my bad english, i’m trying to improve it). Anthartic land was also a continent but somehow it was always seen in a different way.
Regardless, america was always one continent not three.
Anyway, that’s really more like how you (not “you” specifically) desire to see the world than how it really is.
Interesting: if i would take the USA as “america” i wonder what is Canada actually…
Anyway, this topic isn’t about continents. It isn’t about nudity. It was a question to find out if actually there is a server for america region that allow full nudity;
Thanks God i’ve found one that suits me.
Well, i must thank you for your interest hehe


There is a globe that every country on this planet accepts and that globe has 7 continents - North America (which includes Canada, US, and Central America), South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, and Australia (also known as Oceania).


Thanks for the geography lesson but, no, this topic was not about continents. It’s about nudity.
And america is what it is: AMERICA. south and north and whatever, it will always be america, a whole continent. You can say whatever you want and that will not change the fact: north and south america will always be america. Otherwise south and north america would have different names same as asia and europe. But no, south america and north america have the same danm america in its name so guys, stop this worthless discussion and let us focus in the matter of this topic: Nudity


My Server in America has nudity. I do play on the PC. But…I am never nude though. I am always wearing armor. I don’t lounge in my house all Neked and stuff.

But yes. We have nudity and the only time I have seen a nude person was me leaving the desert and even then the first task I had was to climb, kick and find some pants.


That’s a relief. Actually the Official server#3601 allows full nudity.
I don’t really care to see nudity all the time but, since it’s a game feature i want to be allowed to see it. I think it hurts my freedom when someone else choses what i can or cannot see in my gameplay at my house. That’s the matter by the first place.
Most of the time my character is dressed in full but is good to know that i can take her clothes off anytime and that doesn’t means i’m a pervert of some sort. She looks more like a doll than a human person in btw.
Anyway, since the game have this feature and in my opinion that contribute to turn the game more immersive, i want it. I really cannot understand why people get shy/offended with a naked human body . There’s nothing wrong in seeing naked people. The error is deep inside people’s minds. Thanks God not everyone does the same.
And one last thing: the task says to dress up and a shoe does the same result.


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