Official server full with glitchers!


Hello friends! (This is what I want to define on the PC server)
I need the help of me and everyone who plays on official pvp servers.
There’s a clan that uses a glitch and a bug and makes a base that is impenetrable and really can’t be penetrated at all because they built on a bridge and I don’t know how, but they did that the total temperature of the bridge went up so much that when they approached the bridge. You get your body temperature very, very hot and you get hit. Even with 20 members of the server, we all came together and completely destroyed the walls above the bridge with bows and arrows, catapults and other things, but we still couldn’t get up from the bridge.
He messed up the whole server and annoyed everyone and didn’t let us enjoy the game. We tried to change the server, but 200 hours is not a short time for a server to be released like this.
I am playing on official server 1077 and those who used bugs and glitches are called zigzag and the name “clan is” :-p

Here, read this and submit a proper report as described in there if you believe that you have a case:

This is the best we can do for you.

Doesnt sound like a cheater to me.


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