Official Server hackers, please react/solve


PS4 Official Server 3072
Good afternoon, dear Funcom, please help us solve problems with the guys who use the admin panel to raid us not for the first time, we have a video that shows how they dup slaves, there are screenshots with the proof, although not clear, how they loaded us after time raid, for the umpteenth time we are collecting large amounts of resources devotedly spending time in your wonderful game and they come and in an unknown way penetrate exactly those boxes that we most often use, it seems that they know exactly where to look, we are sure that they use the admin panel and more than once a pvp situation arose in which their health was not taken away and they killed with one hit. Their clan The.Darfari, before that was exactly the same only without a dot, we thought that you reacted and banned them, but it seems that they changed their identifiers. I am writing to you on behalf of the Omega clan, my nickname is V1EX, ps id is MightMighty88
Sorry but im new user and cant upload video or screenshots, if you can inform me any type of different connection with you we can upload sreenshots and videos


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