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So to cut a long story short I was crossing a horizontal elevator and my captain bugged Out took fall damage died glitched through the floor and lost my sword of Crom is there anyway I can get it back or possibly any admin which could spawn it in for me?
It took me a long time to farm The Unnamed City to get that sword and now I’m p****d it’s gone! Due to no fault of mine.

Official Server #3584 PvP.

Sorry no admin on official server. Best chance would be to trade with another player. Good Luck

If they glitched thru the ground, then logout and login again, and the body may reappear. It’s the same as when you KO a thrall and they fall thru the map.

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Thanks for the info guys, no luck getting the sword back and no one has it to trade that’s how I got it in the first place. Ah well the grind continues…

If you need help figuring out which bosses to kill for it, check this thread:

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