Official Server issue

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1520
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

performance or memory leak

Bug Reproduction:

Log onto server after 7pm Eastern and attempt any of the things listed below

Every day after 7pm (ish - I suspect this has more to do with the number of people that have been online so far that day but we seem to hit this critical mass around 7pm ET) we start experiencing across the board issues such as

  1. Cannot get into Mek Kemosis dungeon - the user is presented with ‘too far away’ when standing anywhere on the teleporter. Multiple users attempt weapons out, weapons put away. They always have at least 1 thrall but may only have 1.

  2. When trying to direct thralls to any place, the user gets ‘Thrall is unable to reach location.’ It does not matter where you are pointing to - you will get that message 90% of the time.

  3. When teleporting (via the teleporter) thralls are no where around and do not show up for 10-30 minutes. This is definitely a thing at Mek Kemosis but other places as well.

  4. Unable to call Purges. While the purge worked from said location earlier in the day, once we hit critical mass, we can not get the purge to call again until after the next server reset. We have called 5 in a row during the day - no issue but try 10-20 times in the evening and get purge is unable to start every time. Happens to multiple users at multiple levels in different locations.

We experience the other issues that seem common and happen all day, every day like thralls attacking the golems, unable to place thralls because there is no such thing as ‘walkable floor’ since the release. Thralls teleport around, will not move to location specified, do not appear after teleporting and often end up solo’ing bosses with them never participating (this one may have been mitigated with an unannounced hot fix recently as it seems to have improved but is not eliminated)

Greetings sumrrain!
Thank you for reaching out to us and our apologies for the late reply.

Our team is already aware of the last issues you’ve reported in your last paragraph.
Regarding the performance issue at 7pm, is this issue still occurring every day always around the same hour?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

We still have issues every night. although we have been able to get into Mek recently. The thralls still are non participatory for up to 45 minute (at which time they are invisible and respond to no commands like stop, recall, move there) but we are not getting the ‘Thrall unable to reach location’ all the time. It is ocassional now - or we learned to ignore it since the thralls arent helping anyway if one teleports.

Purges are squirrelly as ever. The base will spawn a level 10 and then one day will not spawn them again. I think everyone that has been on the server for a while has now rebuilt the purge bases for the 3rd or 4th time. It seems that if your treasury has 1 wall near a climbable area, the purge will not summon anymore even tho we summoned many level 10s there earlier.
Last night I got all the way to being challenged when the purge decided it couldnt find the treasure and departed. I got nothing. I dont know what programming issues were encountered that causes the purge to continiously check for the ability to reach the treasury when we cannot build to tear down during a purge but I am sure there is a reason. Unforturnately, it seems to cause the purge to abandon the majority of the time after it initially spawns in and we have changed nothing. I am guessing it has something to do with the NPCs teleporting into walls and then since they cannot move, the purge aborts. In any case it makes purges frustrating. possibly it is all related to the server lag we seem to experience. I am not sure if other servers are facing this as well as I have stopped playing on the other servers I was on.

for example - with all the open land around me, I cannot summon a lvl 5 purge now - I was able to an hour ago but not anymore. (the sandstorm stuff in front is not mine, and I have been trying to catch the clan members online for 2+ Weeks to work out arrangements but they just reset timers on items recovered from another clan that hasnt been on in a month):

, still seems like lots of open area to spawn a purge:

The sandstorm structure didn’t impact lvl’s 1-4 purges, but it’s now impacting the lvl 5?

I would keep trying. I was unable to get a purge to spawn last week, but after 4 attempts it worked. Could also require a server restart.

The old purge system would occasionally get stuck and the only fix was waiting for a server restart.

NO its not blocking a lvl 5. performed one earlier in the day. I tried way more than 5 times and finally gave up logging off for the night early as I have done every day this week because between lag , thralls not following, and the inability to summon purges there isnt much I can get done

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