Official server - Landclaim (timerreseters)

Upkeep does not have to be punishing. The cost can be very achievable. Most people with huge bases have vaults of excess. taking just 20% of that excess would not be too bad a cost to make refresher only clans have to participate in some kind of game loops.
I do agree server wipes and too low of a decay timer would punish people that play the game. Those I am against.

The great thing about a cost is it can be tweaked. Decay timers once decay has happened and server wipes are way to permanent if they screw the cost up.

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I’m just curious, have you actually run into any of the stuff Neo is complaining about? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to invalidate your opinion at all – we’re each entitled to our own – but I wonder whether that opinion stems from never having run into anything truly awful, or from having run into it and deciding it’s okay.

So, I guess what I’m asking is: what’s the worst case of overbuilding you’ve ever seen?

You mean my opinion on having a separate official server list with the restrictions/settings people are wanting?

I didn’t decide is okay, I just pack up and leave.

Sure, you mean other than obvious violation of the rules (like enclosed obelisks and dungeons, de-spawing resources etc, ) that I reported?

On the PS4 there is lag and render issues when going near large bases, it’s so bad that sometimes the game crashes.

On one server I was waiting for a clan to show up, to see if they could reduce the size and even open a path through since going around was the only way to avoid crashing, but took too much time.

However, they only refreshed and I could never be online to see them.

Another is, in my opinion ridiculous, clan vs clan building.
4 large clans in one server, location of their bases are not too bad however now, something “happened” (I guess) since 2 are building over each other. Making things bad for everyone.

I could go on and on but, what’s the point, at the end of the day defending my opinion here won’t change anything.

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No, what I meant was that I got the impression that you think overbuilding is not big enough of a problem to implement restrictive mechanics to counterbalance it, like upkeep. If that impression was wrong, I apologize, but at any rate, it really wasn’t an attack on you or your opinion. Like I said, I’m genuinely curious :slight_smile:

Yes, I mean things like “this clan has huge castles that cover 75% of the buildable area around New Asagarth” or “there’s a person on an official server who built a bunch of gorgeous theme parks (a castle, a ship, a temple, and more) that make the server FPS go down to 2 and ping go up to 1020 whenever you teleport to such-and-such obelisk” :slight_smile:

Again, I apologize if it wasn’t clear that I’m not attacking your opinion.

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I appreciate the clarification and apology.
I understand, thank you.

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There are many players who have reflected this problem with FC and have put forward many useful improvement methods. But FC has always been working in the way that no matter what your players want to change, we only update what we want to update ourselves, such as updating you with a bunch of broken

This is the thing why i even started to write this topic, but as bonus - this would be different but those guys who build those things - never actually playing, just reseting timer once in week…

its like why the hell i need to climb over china wall with spikes on in in PVE… or to avoid gamefreezes i am forced to run 4 grids around that place when i could just run straight… I am kinda big builder myself but i aint expanding more than 150x150 blocks… atleast i try, dunno whats about turanian palace now but i atleast try to play , not like … 300x300x300 up some cubes…

Here’s some perspective:

Game design is hard, y’all. I don’t mind armchair game designers – I’m one myself – but have the self-awareness to recognize it :wink:


To back that up, I did homebrew “editing” for snes games.
One project–Tecmo Bowl 3–my brother and I reverse engineered in player AI, Superstar attrubute and a rework of the passing mechanic, as well as expanded in the 2 teams that came along after the original (1993).
After our initial beta to a few (about 20 of that forums editors, fans) we got bombarded with so many “new” and better ideas, some made no sense to football. It got to a point where we had to shut down mentally from the back and forth on why we weren’t going to all their ideas. And we were doing it for free as a creative outlet to our childhood favorite football (U.S.) game.


If they think the player’s ideas are a joke, then there is no need to open this forum. It doesn’t matter what the player wants to say, as long as they pay for the DLC.

You missed the point of the quote, which that if they implemented everything people are asking for, the game would be a crappy mess. This holds for every game, and every software project in general. Every software company prioritizes feature requests based on multiple criteria, not only popularity.

In case it’s still not clear, this means your statement that “Funcom only updates what they want to update” is nowhere near as damning as you believe it to be.

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