Official server with "Invalid" version?

How can an official server be in a wrong version of the game ?
I was playing on the offcial server “Combat_TestLive_EU3” since 3 days but i cant join it anymore cause the version seems to be “Invalid”.

Since it says “Testlive” in the name I’d assume that it’s on a testlive build. Perhaps opting into that build would allow you to join.

Yeah there’s a new testlive build that was released today. Opt into that through Steam.
Right click the game, Properties, Betas, select Testlive. Game will then require an update.

I’m about to update and see what all is fixed.

Let me know what has been fixed, ExNihiloish, From Test Live it goes to Live correct? After testing of course. I might do test live for a bit.

Buffs disappearing upon taking damage was fixed.
The sunder bug was fixed.
The dancer regen bug was fixed.

The patch notes mentioned a few other things that never affected me. But I’ve tested these three and they’re good now.

Great, sounds like it might be worth it to ride test live for a bit.

Yes. I was very unhappy that I couldn’t continue playing as a raging alcoholic after they introduced the buffs bug.

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